Rich Hurley Magic
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A "Hole" New Approach to the Color Changing Silks

A yellow silk handkerchief magically changes to red. But yikes, the red silk has an actual hole in the middle! Where did the yellow silk go? It went inside the black hole. To prove it, the magician pulls the yellow silk out of the hole in a surprisingly open and visual way!
While explaining the "hole" secret of the trick, the red handkerchief mysteriously disappears. Next, the yellow silk handkerchief transforms into a multicolor silk, which is gently thrown into the air and caught by the otherwise empty hands of the magician.
Thanks to a revolutionary new gimmick, your hands will appear impossibly empty throughout the routine. The holdout (included) allows you start clean and end clean!

A Complete Professional Magic Routine

$125.00 + $8.50 Priority Shipping (U.S.A. only)
Purchase includes: